The Golden Egg | East Norriton | PA

When my Mom would make sure I had my "Love-A-Lot" Care Bear every night, and when my Dad would scratch my back to help me fall asleep, I don't think any of us realized how fast 24 years would fly. I've lost count of how many times I've fallen all bikes, trampolines, out of trees, and into many bodies of water. Always getting back up with another scrape and a memory as my souvenir. Every year the falling would feel a little harder, and the getting back up a little more difficult. Throw in a bunch of emotions, tantrums, stubbornness and the will to run...hell, I wouldn't even have known how to raise me. But Hallelujah...they did it. I hope someday I can be great like them. 

A child is not aware. They are not fully aware of themselves or of responsibility. A child does not see each member of their family as individuals with feelings, memories, scars, challenges, and purpose. And yet we look at the little ones with so much hope and so much love. We owe it to them to show and practice the deepest form of love and appreciation. One day they'll show it back to us. The way morals and family traditions become passed down always amazes me. 

There is no Easter without an Easter egg hunt at Grandmom's. I used to be one of the cousins running and screaming and giggling trying my very hardest to find these silly little plastic eggs. And now I get to document that same excitement for all to see and cherish. Not a bad deal if you ask me. 

And now that I have grown into myself, I want to show the world just a sample of what I know to be love. I am so thankful for these crazy people :) 

I may have a job, eat with a fork and knife (sometimes), and sit at the big people table at Thanksgiving...but put a camera in my hand and I become a carefree child again no matter where I am.


The "golden egg" always had the biggest prize. It held the biggest reward. And only one person would get it each year.

I think of family as a bunch of golden eggs. And the best part is...we don't have to look for them. They'll always be there.