World's End | Sullivan County | PA

Let's start with the facts. 

Fact #1 - Life is beautiful

Fact #2 - Life can seem complicated

Fact #3 - We are living and breathing in this very moment that we might someday forget

For the most part I think I do a pretty decent job of giving myself space, taking deep breaths and loving everyone for who they are. But you know...there's always that day when you wake up startled and it throws off your mood. Oh, and then you find that all the coffee is gone so you get to work still doing that tired squinting face as if the sun is beating into your eyes while inside your office. And no matter how nice and polite your coworker or client is, for some reason you can't stop fantasizing about pushing them into traffic. Is anyone following me here? Okay good. Well, not good. But I know I'm not alone because I'm human. So for those of you that just went "oh my god that basically just summed up my morning" need a vacation! Do it. And breathe. Everything is okay.

Some long for white beaches, palm trees, room service and margaritas. I crave dirt and 6 mile hikes with giant s'mores and a starry night finale. Needless to say I needed it. It was beautiful. 

After living in a city for the last few years, I find that silence is a rarity. Part of it sort of makes you numb. I love being surrounded by all walks of life in their uniqueness, and at the same time seeing myself in them. But nothing quite compares to a wide green view across miles and miles with no cars, traffic lights or buildings to be found. It's as if you popped the bubble you've been living in and crawled into the world, welcomed with an enlightened sense of being. Lifting your arms up and feeling the wind wrap around your body to cradle you while staring out at such a minuscule piece of land, that looks vast to us, makes you feel tiny in the best way. And what a better way to spend a weekend with no showers than with wonderful friends and a puppy.


So with that being said, let's start off with Good Morning :)


Until next time...