Kolo Klub Wedding | Hoboken, New Jersey | LGBTQ | Philadelphia Photographer

This candlelit wedding at the Kolo Klub in Hoboken New Jersey is one of my favorites to date. I come away from every wedding learning something new about the world, my couple, or myself. The bond that I witnessed between Danielle and MaryAnn is something that's even difficult for me to explain. The best way I can truly describe it goes something like this. You've spent your life figuring who you are, the world, how and where you belong in it, who in your life will be there by your side forever, and your dream for your future. Doing all of those things is exhausting and we all go through it. And then you find your person. Your partner in crime. Your match. Your best friend. And in the middle of all the imperfect parts of this life, this one actually is perfect. The feeling of that discovery, that bond, that completeness, and sense of eagerness to make it official was so apparent between them the entire day and night through the laughter, the tears, the eye contact in silences, and of course the dancing. I'm beyond thrilled for them both and honored to have been there on this day to witness what I can only describe as the ultimate love and sense of wholeness we all seek. I drove home from this day more lighthearted and thankful. I thank Danielle and MaryAnn for that, and all they had to do was be themselves. And now I'm crying so just go look at the pictures.