Portrait Guide

Portrait sessions turn out to be a reflection of who you are, and what is happening currently in your life. It's so important so document life whether it is of yourself, your family, your next milestone, something you're proud of, you and your partner cooking dinner, or the chaos that is bath time for your kids. There are endless opportunities for portrait sessions and they're happening all the time. These opportunities are special and unique to each person and that is my personal inspiration. Tell me what is important to you and let's go photograph that. 

A Little Bit About Style

You have probably heard some of these terms before, and though I don't prefer to categorize, my style of working does fall under the following groups. Documentary photography, candid photography, reportage photography, and story telling photography. About 90% of my photographs are captured naturally, the way things unfolds, without any interference. The other 10% consists of the relaxed portraits sessions, whether it be of a couple, a family, or an individual. 

Emotional documentary photography is not just about making an image at the right time. It also requires the photographer to really understand and feel what's happening in that moment. It requires compassion and sensitivity to every moment and to every person that is present during the session to truly and honestly convey the feeling in each image. The images that I make during your session will not just show you what happened, they'll remind you exactly how you felt, and surprise you with moments that you would have otherwise missed. 

Finding just the right photographer can feel like a daunting task. So many photographers, for all different prices, and most everyone nowadays calls themselves storytellers. So how can you be sure you're choosing the right person? First and foremost, love their work. See yourself and your loved ones in the images, the tears, the laughter, the chaos, the calm, and the happiness. Every family, couple, and individual is different, but these emotions show themselves every time, and real moments are always the ones that mean the most when time passes. Real life is your two year old son insisting he carry the pizza box home that's just as big as he is. Real life is the Popsicle that your child really wants to cut into pieces with scissors after dinner. Real life is the way you look at each other when you're reminded that you're blessed to spend the rest of your lives together. Real life is more interesting.

If you're looking for/enjoy the following: 
- full session of posed portraits
- desaturated colors
- a photographer that will tell you what to do and what not to do the entire day
- directions that include "chin down, chin up, smile, don't smile, do the prom pose, now jump in the air"
- most images of everyone looking directly at the camera

I'm not your photographer. But there is a photographer for you and I'd be happy to help you find that person.

If you're looking for/enjoy the following:
- genuine emotions in your images
- vibrant/natural colors and beautiful black and whites
- a little bit of encouragement, maybe a dad joke or two, but no stiff posing
- a mix of creative images
- a photographer that will basically feel like a friend for however many hours you're with them, will do most anything to keep your kids giggling, and give you space to be yourselves and take a deep breath in the moment

If the above sounds like you, please keep reading. I think we'd make a great match. 

Frequently Asked

Do you travel?
Yes please! We love new adventures. There is a travel fee beyond 30 miles of zip code 19148

Do you have backup equipment and insurance?
Yes and yes! I have a backup for every camera body, lens, flash, and battery. I have equipment insurance and liability insurance and can provide proof for your company or venue if required. 

When will we receive our photos? A small sneak peek will be shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages within the first week after your session. The full gallery with be sent via private online gallery 2 - 4 weeks after your session. For prints and albums, creation time varies. You will receive these products 1 - 4 weeks after the order is placed. 

How long do you keep my wedding images? 
Final high resolution images are stored indefinitely. All other images are discarded after 1 year. 

We'd love to book you! What's next? 
I always meet with my couples first before booking. We can meet in Philadelphia or set up a phone conference. If we're a great match and decide to follow through with booking, the first step is to sign the online contract and pay a 30% deposit. The remaining 70% is due the day of your session. 

What do you expect from me as your client?
Have fun! Be yourself! Get silly. Holds hands. Give a smooch. Do a little dance. 



Up to 2 Hours

Location of your choice

Private online gallery for two months

High resolution images delivered via digital download

family_day in the life_02-79.JPG

Life Session I


(3) Hours

Location of your choice

Private online gallery for two months

High resolution images delivered via digital download

Life Session II


($1,785 Value)

(6) Hours

Location(s) of your choice

Private online gallery for two months

High resolution images delivered via digital download

8x8 (20) Page Linen Album

Life Session III


($3,105 Value)

From good morning to good night

Location(s) of your choice

Private online gallery for two months

High resolution images delivered via digital download

10x10 (20) Page Linen Album

Photo Film of full day to music

Please note that Collections do not include PA 6% sales tax or any travel expenses

A La Carte

Gift Prints
4x6 - $6
5x7 - $6
8x10 - $20
11x14 - $45

Additional Hour

Mounted Wall Prints
16x20 - $95
16x24 - $120
20x30 - $150
24x36 - $250

Engraved USB Drive

Linen Albums
8x8 20 pages - $585
10x10 20 pages - $705
12x12 20 pages - $810

Additional Album Spreads
8x8 - $17/Spread
10x10 - $19/Spread
12x12 - $21/Spread

Leather Albums
8x8 20 pages - $825
10x10 20 pages - $990
12x12 20 pages - $1,170

Please note that A La Carte items do not include PA 6% sales tax or shipping costs